Condemnation order lifted on house

Photo by Mark Webber | The Republic A condemnation order on this house at 572 S. Cherry St. was lifted by the Columbus Board of Works on Tuesday.

The condemnation order against a home at 572 S. Cherry St. has been lifted by the Columbus Board of Works and Public Safety.

A Feb. 20 inspection showed the owners of the one-story home, built in 1935, have brought the property into compliance of what was requested of them, according to Erika Smith of the Columbus Code Enforcement office.

The rehabilitation included digging under floors and making repairs to restore water service, Smith told board members. The upgrades were so extensive that the city granted the owners an extension of time, she said. Repairs were made that allowed water service to be restored to the 1,200 square-foot home, Smith said.

Garbage and other refuse found both inside and outside the house has been picked up, the code enforcement inspector said.

Online property records indicate the rental property, previously owned by Larry D. Fields, was sold to Rae Jean Parson last October.

On Tuesday, the Columbus B0ard 0f Public Works and Safety granted Smith’s request that a $1,000 fine be waived.