Marriage license applications, Jan. 11-Feb. 22

Patrick Ramon Froedge, 32, Lafayette Avenue, and Katherine Danielle Ritchison, 30, Lafayette Avenue.

Kerry Jay Knapp, 65, Alvin Drive, and Adish Kaur, 61, Alvin Drive.

Shelby Morgan Petty, 33, Creekstone Drive, and Crystal Lynn Vansickle, 45, Creekstone Drive.

Libby E. Wischmeier, 21, South County Road 350E, and Dalton L. Workman, 23, Solsberry.

Ramanpreet Singh, 27, Shadow Bend Drive, and Maycee Jeanne Hahn, 24, North County Road 650E.

Fernando Jiminez Cesareo, 47, Smith Street, and Reyna Ezperanza Rault, 54, Smith Street.

Sydney Raeleen Holt, 24, Mill Run, and Daltom Michael Craig, 24, Mill Run.

Samantha Noelle Butler, 23, Castleford Drive, and Elliott Jacob Blackburn, 29, Lafayette Avenue.

Carlos Jhonatan Pascual Meza, 34, Maple Street, and Alyssa Ericklea Torres Ruiz, 31, Maple Street.

Oluwakemi Oluwaranti Jimoh, 49, Ashford Park Place, and Abubakar Abdulkareem Jimoh, 45, Ashford Park Place.

Ana Suanely Velazquez Morales, 31, Hillview Drive, and Leonides Rodriguez Miranda, 43, Hillview Drive.

Dawn Michele Faust, 50, Ashworth Court, and Joshua Diego Luna, 34, Ashworth Court.

Tina Marie Pike, 43, Fairlawn Drive, and Marilyn Miller Guss III, 44, Fairlawn Drive.

Jie Li, 43, Meadow Bend Drive, and Yu Li, 34, Meadow Bend Drive.

Madison Claira Adela Schnider, 20, Grand Avenue, and Donny Leland Grigsby Jr., 24, Grand Avenue.

Keith Charles Patterson, 72, Taylor Road, and Sheena Kaye McIntosh, 78, Taylor Road.

Tabitha Ann Shuck, 32, Eighth Street, and Paul Nelson Wright III, 36, Eighth Street.

Ruben Lopez Jr., 35, Lewis Drive, and Zulay Samantha Roblez-Flores, 36, Lewis Drive.

Zakry Tanner Cooper, 27, Wint Lane, and Janide Dlanor Porras Rasco, 21, Wint Lane.

Emilee Erin Ruddick,, 21, Virginia Street, and Benjamin Zachary Lanius, 21, Fiesbeck Drive.

Bryann Bott, 45, East County Road 50N, and Jessica Fay Purvis, East County Road 50N.

Ashley Nicole Sypula, 28, McClure Road, and Jeremiah Wade Clark, 38, McClure Road.

Krystal Linette Gonzalez-Rivera, 26, Collier Street, and Christian Roberto Rodriguez-Tamayo, 33, Collier Street.

Rondell Vaughn Joseph, 26, Ashford Park Place, and Shelby Shannon Peterkin, 24, Campus Suites Boulvard.

Rachel Elizabeth Sims, 43, Brooks Street, and Federico Hernandez, 44, Brooks Street.

Charles Edward McBride, 73, Morningside Drive, and Karen Sue Dickerson, 53, McClure Road.

Kaitlin Marie Jowers, 20, Lincoln Village Drive, and Jonathan Andrew Wissel, 20, Lincoln Village Drive.

Richard Eugene Pollard Jr., 49, Sycamore Street, and Paula Sue Pollard, 53, Sycamore Street.

Amy Lynne Shrum, 50, Luse Drive, and Andrew Lee Curtis, 45, Luse Drive.

Haley J. Burton, 25, Eighth Street, and Colley Rayne Perry, 29, Eighth Street.

Amy Dawn Banister, 52, Pennsylvania Street, and Christopher Dean Cooper, 51, Spring Court.

Summer Dawn Jones, 30, Legal Tender Road, and Dustin Earl Biddinger, 34, Legal Tender Road.

Rafael Barradas Zarate, 35, National Road, and Yerany E. Segovia Calderon, 52, National Road.

Angel Luis Castellano Jr., 23, Rosewood Lane, and Flor Yulisa Serrano Lopez, 26, Rosewood Lane.

Abby Faith Hiatt, 24, Meadow Place, Hope, and Jonathan Clay Hatton, 24, Meadow Place, Hope.

Kari Fonas Jingozian, 27, Clairmont Drive, and Graham Leonard Hill, 33, Clairmont Drive.

Melissa Dawn Baker, 34, Chestnut Street. and Tyler David Burgess, 33, Chestnut Street.

Andrew C. Neal, 28, Williamsburg Court, and Daniela Sanchez Jimenez, 29, Williamsburg Court.

Michael Elliott Black, 66, Franklin Street, and Cynthia Lu Dunlevy, 65, Limestone Lane.

Zaden Kofi Miller, 19, Seymour, and Jayla Alexis Dickerson, 21, Pavia Court.

Joshua Alan Johnson, 29, South County Road 225W, and Gabrielle Civiletto, 26, South County Road 225W.