Tune in Tonight: Brain Cox and Kelly Reilly star in ‘Little Wing’

Paramount+ streams the 2024 coming-of-age story “Little Wing.” Based on the New Yorker article by Susan Orlean, whose book “The Orchid Thief” inspired the 2002 film “Adaptation,” “Wing” is another tale of a small subculture and secret world hiding in plain sight.

Young actress Brooklynn Prince (“Cocaine Bear”) stars as the adolescent Kaitlyn, whose world is upended when her parents divorce. To make matters worse, her mother (Kelly Reilly, “Yellowstone”) is beset by money woes and fears of losing their home.

In the curious logic fueled by the raging hormones that make tweens so difficult the world over, Kaitlyn frets about getting enough money to save the day. She happens upon a plan when a friend (Che Tafari) tells her about the strange world of pigeon racing and that a local racer, Jaan (Brian Cox, “Succession”), has a bird worth more than $100,000.

A strange and obsessive pastime, pigeon racing has long been a fixture of the city-bound, people who create elaborate rooftop worlds from which they launch birds that can fly hundreds of miles in pursuit of victory. Invisible to many, it’s a sporting endeavor that has its own peculiar traditions and hierarchies. In the classic movie “On the Waterfront,” Marlon Brando’s character, Terry Malloy, was a pigeon enthusiast, a pastime that exposed the fallen palooka’s softer side.

It’s not giving too much away to reveal that once Kaitlyn enters Jaan’s world, her thoughts of bird theft turn to fascination as she discovers a “little” subject larger than herself.

While most adolescents are given to bouts of silence and indifference, Kaitlyn tends to describe her problems in whole sentences, if not paragraphs. It’s a bit of narrative cheat that undercuts her authenticity.

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