Letter: America is at a crossroads, at risk of losing democracy

From: Larry Shade


I have written many articles these past few years to educate and inform the public on the disruption of America’s unity. Our founding fathers in writing the Constitution insisted that Congress be their top priority. So Article One laid out the rules and duties that Congress must follow. Article Two was written to address the executive branch. It stated the job requirements and the specifics of the job. They put the executive branch beneath the Congress because they feared the threat that one time in the future a president may try to seize too much power. The founders had seen the effect of too much power where a king in Europe had control of all facets of the government.

But in recent years, our country has fallen into the trap and has been reducing the power of the Congress as the presidents have been allowed to seize more power. This change has allowed partisan politics to enter the fray and have a big influence on the president. Thus, the direction of the government may move in a way that does not benefit the majority. It is vital for our democracy that our two independent political parties be maintained. That is the only way the country can hear all sides of the issue being debated.

I am retired and I go to Florida for a few months in the winter. While there, I have had many conversations with some Canadians and Europeans. They are very knowledgeable on the happenings going on in America. But they cannot understand why the people in America continue to go down this path of self-destruction. I have no answer. All I can say is that America has lost its moral compass, and I don’t know if we can get it back.

I am a veteran who served in Vietnam. Watching the extreme political divide in the country with no ending in sight is very disheartening. But I have said for years that when Americans go to the polls to vote, they are the least educated in relation to all the other democracies around the world. A country filled with people who don’t know what their government is doing, and have little desire to learn, is in danger of losing their country. My views have company. Several American historians who have studied the entire history of America are saying that America is closer to losing its democracy than at any time since the Civil War!