Looking Back – March 24

Customers at Coffee Express in Columbus vote on selected topics by dropping a bean in a bin. The week of March 25, 1999’s question asked opinions on closing Fourth Street.

From The Republic archives


Deputies with the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department began showing up at homes to bring nutritious food and a degree of companionship to elderly residents who needed it the most through the local Meals for Better Living program. Run by Thrive Alliance, Meals for Better Living brought hot meals to residents in a wide variety of neighborhoods.


Central Middle School family and consumer science students learned about food presentation and how “people eat with their eyes” during a unit on food art. Ed Miller, executive chef and co-owner of Smith’s Row, demonstrated making food garnishes to the class.


Columbus North High School’s Sally Marble, leading scorer on the girls basketball team, was named the Most Valuable Player during the team’s awards banquet. Jane Baker was named the honorary team captain and Kathy King received the rebounding trophy.