Henderson appointed to the Columbus Plan Commission

The Columbus Board of Public Works on Tuesday voted to appoint Melanie Henderson to the Columbus Plan Commission. The appointment was approved 4-0 with Henderson abstaining.

Henderson will be replacing current board of works appointment Amber Porter who recently resigned to become Assistant City Engineer starting Monday, according to Mayor Mary Ferdon.

“Typically in the past we’ve either, as a board of works, we’ve appointed a citizen from the community to serve on the planning commission, or occasionally we’ve had a board of works member who’s excitedly raised their hand because they want to do the job, so somewhere in the middle we found Melanie Henderson,” Mayor Ferdon said.

Henderson spent 25 years in banking before spending a decade as an HR director, and accepted the appointment when the mayor asked, she said.

“Since I am currently taking a break from my career at the time, I figured it’d be a great experience,” Henderson told The Republic. “And I can hear more about the city and the development of the city — I think it’s a great opportunity to learn more.”

Henderson will be sworn at the next Columbus Plan Commission meeting on April 10.