Letter: Republicans are waging a war against women

From: Scott Keen


Women have been treated like second-class citizens for millennia; defined by religions as conniving and inferior, being chattel to their husbands, and being among the last Americans to get the right to vote.

But progress was being made, and for 50 years, American women had control over their bodies.

Not any more. Republicans in the “He-Man Woman Hater’s Club” are again denying that women are fully entitled humans and masters of their own destinies.

Republicans see women primarily as baby factories, so any potential life growing in the womb takes precedence over a woman’s ongoing life.

Republicans claim embryos are people, but they forget the most important part of the equation. No embryo ever turns into a baby until it implants and grows in the mother, an already existing “people”. Remember her?

The Republican platform says : “… the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed.” Once again that statement ignores the living, breathing mother, whose life can apparently be “infringed” by society at will.

The old Republican men making decisions for women clearly don’t understand female reproductive anatomy and have likely never been in the presence of a naked woman with the lights on.

Men are the garden sprinklers of genetic material. One man will release over 250 million sperm per event. But during her reproductive lifetime, a woman releases maybe 500 eggs, and could only physically gestate about 20 of them. Men can sprinkle and walk away, but pregnant women cannot. They must be very selective about bearing children.

Republicans will institute a federal abortion ban. They will eliminate birth control and the morning after pill. They monitor where fertile women travel, just in case one is sneaking out to get an abortion. In Texas, your neighbor can get a bounty for that.

If a woman learns her flawed fetus will die a slow painful death immediately after birth, Republicans expect her to gestate and deliver that baby, and watch it die.

In Texas, a woman seeking help for a life threatening, never viable ectopic pregnancy was sent home without help to wait for her condition to worsen.

Teens impregnated through rape will bear their rapist’s child. In Texas, an estimated 26,000 rape-related pregnancies have occurred since the state banned abortion.

Already have six kids you can’t feed? Have another!

And right wing men have burned crucial Planned Parenthood clinics, harassed and shamed vulnerable patients, and murdered abortion providers.

This clearly demonstrates what Republican men think of women. Their candidate brags about killing Roe v. Wade, and also about grabbing women “by the …”.

Women are increasingly suffering from the damage Republicans are doing to their lives. Careers and existing families don’t matter, while infant and maternal mortality rates in Indiana are terrible.

If we really respect and value women (as Democrats do), we must give these cruel, holier-than-thou, woman-hating Republicans the boot. Ladies, vote while you still can!

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