Reinhold gives perspectives on the solar eclipse at IU Columbus event

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Indiana University Columbus faculty, staff and students, as well as community members, enjoyed a presentation of “The Eclipse in Myth, Legend, and Folklore” by Vice Chancellor and Dean Reinhold Hill at noon Wednesday.
Man gives presentation

Hill put the April 8 celestial event into perspective, sharing eclipse narratives going back to biblical times (Joshua 10:13) and spanning around the world. “There are stories of monsters eating the sun, as well as quarrels between the moon and sun, and tales of the sun hiding from someone or something,” he explained.

For example, in Korean mythology a dog was tasked with fetching the sun to bring light in dark times, causing the eclipse. In Transylvanian lore, the sun is showing it’s displeased with humankind by hiding. In Navajo tradition, the eclipse signifies cleansing and is a time to sit quietly and reflect, before the sun’s reemergence, symbolizing rebirth.

The myth, legend and folklore presentation was followed by a question-and-answer period and lunch in the Columbus Learning Center Student Commons. This event is one of several this week on the AirPark Campus, including a career fair, movie night, games and giveaways to celebrate springtime and the upcoming eclipse.