Marriage license applications, Jan. 11-March 28

Shivani Ureshkumar Patel, 26, Carrie Lane, and Nevil Maheshbhai Patel, 31, Scarborough Drive.

Amy Lyn Curry, 52, South County Road 400W, and Ross Alan Newsom, 61, South County Road 400W.

Michael Elliott Black, 66, Franklin Street, and Cynthia Lu Dunlevy, 65, Limestone Lane.

Shianna Renea Watkins, 36, North Clifty Street, and Zachary Michael Golding, 31, North Clifty Street.

Joshua Alan Johnson, 29, South County Road 225W, and Gabreille Civiletto, 26, South County Road 225W.

Zaden Kofi Miller, 19, Seymour, and Jayla Alexis Dickerson, 21, Pavia Court.

Anthony Marquette Phillips Jr., 33, Indianapolis, and Kianna Nashay Jones, 26, Jonesville Road.

Stephen Ray Summers, 36, Chestnut Street, and Rachel Pauline Summers, 36, Chestnut Street.

Andrew Christopher Wahl, 23, Williamsburg Court, and Cheyanne Paige Williams, 21, Williamsburg Court.

Nikki Chance Charleen Hendrickson, 24, Sedgewick Lane, and Joseph Robert Kimbley, 29, Sedgewick Lane.

Donald Joseph Dickherber, 82, Washington Street, and Dianne Elizabeth Hughes, 80, Madison.

Cynthia Morales, 24, Rosedale Drive, and Jose Andres Martinez Rosas, 39, Rosedale Drive.

Victoria Grace Ford, 24, Iroquois Trail, and Isaac Alexander Manring, 23, South Auburn Hills Drive, Edinburgh.

Stacy Case, 35, Hauser Drive, Hope, and Andrew Hartwell, 32, Hauser Drive, Hope.

Cynthia Powers Overmyer, 74, Taylor Road, and Lawrence Walter Henderson, 80, Taylor Road.

Alma Patricia Ramos Leyva, 19, North U.S. Highway 31, Edinburgh, and Carlos Elias Silvano Bernardo, 24, North U.S. Highway 31, Edinburgh.

Hannah Pauline Fields, 19, Daniel Drive South, and Jared Aburto Huesca, 21, Daniel Drive South.

William McNeal III, 65, Daniel Drive South, and Janie Walling, 48, Daniel Drive South.

Diego Delgado, 35, California Street, and Maricruz Barrientos, 35, California Street.

Calep Kirk Vanarsdale Jr., 46, East County Road 550N, and Betsie Louise Kraus, 49, East State Road 46, Hope.

Kayleigh Melcher, 29, Jones Street, and Chanceton Daniels, 30, Harrison Drive.

Renee Nehrt, 33, Broadmoor Lane, and Kurtis Woltersdorf, 35, Broadmoor Lane.

Christopher Marshall Guthrie, 46, Washington Street, and Jennifer Mae Willhite, 47, Washington Street.

Genevieve Quinn McGaha, 24, Pine Ridge Drive, and Clayton Tyler McGaha, 25, Pine Ridge Drive.

Bari Renee Grizzard, 38, Fairlawn Drive, and Dylan Charles Thompson, 28, Fairlawn Drive.

Crystal Faye Arthur, 40, Washington Street, and Taha Loulladi, 36, Washington Street.

Jasmine Padilla, 21, East South Street, and Jose Luis Lopez Lopez, 25, East South Street.

Clorissa Clemmons, 42, Lafayette Avenue, and Brock Weaver, 36, Lafayette Avenue.

Alberto Landero Escalante, 42, Elizabeth Street, and America Gonzalez Camara, 49, Elizabeth Street.

Amaira Ni Moros, 50, California Street, and Jairo Enrique Castro Rivas, 43, California Street.

Jessica Lee Perez-Alvarado, 34, Rosedale Drive, and Cristian Huerta-Antunez, 31, Rosedale Drive.

Ronald Peter Bulthuis II, 40, Williamsburg Court, and Ashlee Danielle Frazier, 38, Williamsburg Court.

Emma Marie Moore, 19, East County Road 400S, and David Abimael Gonzalez Cavazos, 30, Deer Valley Court.

Jessica Meeks, 34, Pennsylvania Street, and Dustin Reynolds, 40, Pennsylvania Street.

Kaitlyn Marie Coop, 19, McKinley Avenue, and Owen Wendel Reed, 19, Sims Drive.

Charles Aaron Sims, 48, Middle View Drive, and Pamoja N. Engelking, 40, Sycamore Street.

Chloe Marquez, 37, Chestnut Street, and Abdiladif Said, 35, Chestnut Street.

Gale Lee Loughmiller, 88, River Road Drive, and Lois L. Wilber, 88, South Stratton Court.

Ridge Matthew Swaney, 32, West Hillview Lane, and Dakota Lynn Anderson, 30, West Hillview Lane.

Jacob Tyler Acton, 27, Fairington Court, and Shayla Rennee Bex, 20, Fairington Court.

Kara Lynette Schisler, 21, Bitterwood Court, and Alexander Mordecai Keele, 20, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Laurin Lian Hope Brunson, 26, 13th Street, and Joshua James Willey, 26, 13th Street.