Two adults rescued after high water traps them on ‘island’ in rising East Fork White River

Photo provided Water rescue team members are shown at the scene of a water rescue near Mill Race Park in Columbus Wednesday afternoon.

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Bartholomew County’s water rescue team helped two adults off an island in the middle of the East Fork White River between Mill Race Park and Noblitt Park near downtown Columbus after high water trapped them there.

The rescue was at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday when an adult male and an adult female asked for help as the water continued to rise around them. Mill Race Park was closed today due to high water following heavy rainfall Tuesday.

Sgt. Dane Duke, Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, said the water rescue team took an inflatable boat from Mill Race Park to the scene, and brought the two people to the shore, where they were checked by emergency medical services. No injuries were reported.