Viewpoint Bestsellers

Viewpoint Books’ Bestseller List – March 20, 2024 (for March 30 publication)

*Asterisk denotes a local, regional, or Indiana author or connection

Children’s Books

1. “The Scarlet Shedder (Dog Man Book 12),” Dav Pilkey

2. “Reptiles (National Geographic Readers),” Jennifer Szymanski

3. “Bluey: Easter,” Penguin Young Readers

4. “Penelope Rex and the Problem with Pets” (signed edition), Ryan T. Higgins

5. “Mad Libs: For the Fans, Taylor Swift Edition,” Niki Catherine and Olivia Luchini

6. “Ferris,” Kate DiCamillo

7. “Influencers: Cat Kid Comic Club Book 5,” Dav Pilkey

8. “A Few Beautiful Minutes: Experiencing a Solar Eclipse,” Kate Allen Fox

9. “Dragon’s Fat Cat (Dragon Book 2),” Dav Pilkey

10. “Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book,” Little Golden Books

11. “Heroes: A Novel of Pearl Harbor,” Alan Gratz

12. “Why We Need Granddaughters (Always in My Heart),” Gregory E. Lang

13. “What Is a Solar Eclipse?” Dana Meachen Rau

14. “Never Touch the Dinosaurs,” Rosie Greening

15. “Oh! What a Joy Is a Solar Eclipse,” Celestial Buddies

Adult Non-Fiction (H for hard cover, P for paperback, O for other)

1. “The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook,” Michael George et al (P)

2. “The Fate of the Romanovs,” Greg King and Penny Wilson (P)

3. “Laughter Yoga: Daily Practices for Health and Happiness,” Madan Kataria (P)

4. “Mostly What God Does: Reflections on Seeking and Finding His Love Everywhere” Savannah Guthrie (H)

5. “Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones,” James Clear (H)

6. “How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen,” David Brooks (H)

7. “A Point of Beauty: True Stories of Holding On and Letting Go,” The Moth (H)

8. *“Exhibit Columbus Journal,” Viewpoint Books (P)

9. “The Little Book of Taylor Swift,” Orange Hippo! (H)

10. “The Creative ACT: A Way of Being,” Rick Rubin (H)

11. “Spare,” Prince Henry the Duke of Sussex (H)

12. “Self-Care for Autistic People: 100+ Ways to Recharge, De-Stress, and Unmask!” Megan Anna Neff (H)

13. “Quietly Hostile: Essays,” Samantha Irby (P)

14. “The Beginner’s Guide to Crochet,” Easy Techniques and 8 Fun Projects,” Claire Montgomerie (P)

15. “The Green Witch’s Oracle Deck: Embrace the Wisdom and Insight of Natural Magic,” Arin Murphy-Hiscock (O)

Adult and New Adult Fiction (H for hard cover, P for paperback)

1. “A Fate Inked in Blood (Sage of the Unfated Book 1),” Danielle L. Jensen (H)

2. “The Women,” Kristin Hannah (H)

3. “The Hunter” (signed edition), Tana French (H)

4. “The Girl on the Train,” Paula Hawkins (P)

5. “Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone: A Murder Mystery Novel,” Benjamin Stevenson (P)

6. “Lessons in Chemistry,” Bonnie Garmus (H)

7. “Psalm for the Wild-Built (Monk and Robot Book 1),” Becky Chambers (H)

8. “James” (signed edition), Percival Everett (H)

9. “How to Solve Your Own Murder,” Kristen Perrin (H)

10. “Becoming Madame Secretary” (signed edition), Stephanie Dray (H)

11. *“My Heart Is a Chainsaw (The Indiana Lake Trilogy Book 1),” Stephen Graham Jones (P)

12. “The Woods All Black,” Lee Mandelo (H)

13. “The Prisoner’s Throne (Novel of Elfhame Book 2),” Holly Black (H)

14. “Wandering Stars” (signed edition), Tommy Orange (H)

15. “Bride,” Ali Hazelwood (P)