Around Town – April 12

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April 12

Orchids to

the editorial about helping the homeless in Columbus and Bartholomew County.

Onions to

complaining about the national debt without acknowledging big company monopolies and posting record profits that they use for CEO outlandish salaries and stock buybacks instead of lowering prices.

the third boil notice for our neighborhood in the last few months!

the foundation for gifting North Christian Church to the taxpayers.

the current administration that is gaslighting everyone by blaming the previous administration for everything wrong.

individuals who condemn a 150-year-old Arizona law while at the same time using a 150-year-old federal law to persecute their political opponents.

Happy Birthday to

Albert Nolting, from friends at Bethel Baptist church.

Ryder Morrow on No. 7, from Mom, Dad, Mason, Grandma Jenny, Stephanie, Bobbi, David, Kaydence, Steven and Easton.

Jim Kamp, from your family!