Around Town – April 19

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April 19

Orchids to

Michael Leppert for guest article regarding the Indiana State Attorney General who encourages people to sue a state agency that is his client.

my beautiful daughter Lindsey, I’m so proud of you, love Mama.

Onions to

harassing seniors with unwanted mailings, just because you are older doesn’t mean you need hearing aids.

those who complain about poor folks at our border begging for asylum but wouldn’t pass the immigration bill they demanded.

the hypocrisy of our state representative’s concern for outsiders not abiding by our laws and established social structures.

the Senate for failing to fulfill its Constitutional obligation.

the former guy’s presidency causing so much destruction to women.

Happy Birthday to

Melanie Sanders, from friends at Bethel Baptist church.

Alex Shawn Patton on No. 45, from your family.