Looking Back – May 17

Gaige Clidinst, pictured May 16, 2014, a junior at Columbus East High School, handed out brochures he created to residents in the Candlelight Village neighborhood that aimed to educate them on safety during severe weather.


Columbus East High School junior Gaige Clidinst created informational pamphlets with severe weather safety tips that he distributed at mobile home parks throughout Bartholomew County. Clidinst completed the project with help from the Columbus Police Department cadet program.


Bartholomew County commissioner Juanita Harden and a team of Extension Homemakers shared some of what they learned over the years at “Spring on The Old Family Farm,” an event conducted by Bartholomew County Historical Society at Henry Breeding Farm.


Executives of Irwin Union and First National banks expressed their pleasure with the cooperation of city and county residents in gathering all “piggy bank and quart-jar” penny collections. Both banks were experiencing a penny shortage and asked the community for help.