Accelera launches next-gen hydrogen and electric solutions for commercial vehicles

Accelera by Cummins on Monday announced the launch of its next generation of several decarbonizing technology at a trade show in Las Vegas.

The new technology, which the company said would be unveiled at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas on Monday, includes new versions of its hydrogen fuel cells, eAxle and next-generation batteries, the company said.

“Accelera is leading the charge toward a more sustainable future, and I’m excited to celebrate the launch of our new zero-emissions fuel cell, eAxle and battery products,” said President of Accelera Amy Davis. “Through constant innovation, real-world testing in the field and collaboration with customers and partners to tailor solutions, we continue to improve our next-generation technologies, helping accelerate adoption and the shift to zero.”

The new technology includes more powerful fuel cell engines that offer increased power density for larger systems, improved system efficiency and advanced durability, Accelera said. The latest generation of Accelera’s fuel cell technology can be found in the newly launched FCE300 and FCE150 fuel cell engines.

Accelera’s 300kW fuel cell engine will be on display at the Las Vegas trade show, as well as a Navistar RH International Class 8 heavy-duty truck equipped with two rail-mounted FCE150 engines and Accelera’s newest eAxle.

Accelera also has introduced the next-generation 14Xe, its newest eAxle, and BP104E, its newest and most flexible battery platform, the company said.

An eAxle, or electric axle, is an electric drive system that integrates the necessary components required to propel a vehicle while utilizing a traditional axle structure, according to Accelera.

Accelera, which is headquartered in Columbus, is a Cummins business segment that includes the company’s growing electrified power and hydrogen portfolios and represents much of its efforts to invest in technologies that seek to curb greenhouse gas emissions.