Around Town – May 22

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May 22

Orchids to

Brittany Mahoney and parent volunteers for making field day an awesome experience! from Smith students and staff.

Yellow Trail Museum, Norman’s, Andy Kilps, Hope Little Hoosiers, Ms. Hurt, Dave Miller, Hope Police and Fire for making our Hope History Walk a success, from Mrs. Swegman, Miss Robertson, and Ms. Richards.

Coach Elizabeth Dwyer for your support, encouragement and dedication to our team, we appreciate you! from your Unified Track team.

Hawcreek-Flatrock area endowment, Rachel’s Neat Treats by Randy and Robin Lapidus, and Student Fund of Hope for making our AR reward a success, from 3-6 grade teachers and students.

Onions to

people who have children and smoke in their homes around them.

the former federal elected official’s campaign using Nazi rhetoric to scare the gullible and to attract white supremacist supporters.

drivers heading south on U.S. 31 (National Road) turning left onto 25th Street, when there is a No Left Turn sign plainly visible.

anyone who cares about what a placekicker (even NFL) has to say about anything.

the Supreme Court Justice who allowed his wife to fly the American flag upside down outside their home.

the political candidate who gave a very depressing and dystopian speech to a group of college graduates.

Happy Birthday to

Ray Niedbalski, from Mom, Dad, Jacob and Finn.