Around Town – May 29

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May 29

Orchids to

Dalton at Loesch Heating for the excellent service on our air-conditioning unit, from a grateful customer.

Adam and Leah Brouse for having the family over for Memorial Day luncheon, it was very enjoyable, from Papaw and Mamaw Condon.

Petersville United Methodist Church for the delicious staff breakfast, from Clifty Creek Elementary School.

my loving family and everyone who wished me a happy birthday, so special, thank you from Janet Kimball.

guest columnist John Krull for finally writing an uplifting article without ridiculing Republicans.

Onions to

the couples at the restaurant who returned inside after a Black person joined them outside.

trying to keep track of the number of lies and false claims spoken daily by the former federal elected official.

the wolves in sheep’s clothing using the former president as a boogeyman so they can continue to control you.

the young women at the big box store that came in and forgot to put on their shorts and long pants to cover up.