Tune in Tonight: HBO recalls MoviePass debacle

Looking for another tale of corporate greed? Of too much too soon and mindless bling turned to worthless compost? Look no further than the new documentary “MoviePass: MovieCrash” (9 p.m., HBO).

The rise of digital culture has created many brilliant apps and platforms brokering new and undreamed-of opportunities. Need a house for a weekend getaway? Consult AirBNB. Want to hire a car? Need to find a parking space in a crowded urban center? There are apps for that.

In many cases, these brokerage apps took a cut, but provided a hitherto untapped bonanza of customers. That was the logic of MoviePass, a service that offered customers a Netflix-like subscription to actual movie theater seats. For roughly 10 bucks, customers had an endless supply of options. Some might take advantage of the whole enchilada, like Homer Simpson at an all-you-can-eat buffet. But more were likely to go to a few movies a month. And the service was designed to fill theaters at a time when the movie-going habit was in decline.

“MoviePass” interviews the founders of the company that soon became the fastest-growing subscription service since Spotify. Wall Street loved the idea, and soon the founders and operators of MoviePass were shoved aside by bigshots who saw it as a cash cow ripe for exploitation.

In true Hollywood fashion, lavish parties became the norm. The corporate operators essentially created a cash bonfire, blowing through $250 million while ignoring the nuts and bolts of an operation with little margin for error. “We didn’t have extension cords in our offices,” says one employee as she watched the unchecked spending at festivals including Cannes, Coachella and Sundance. Bad customer service resulted in toxic word of mouth, and the company cratered within a two-year span.

“MoviePass” talks to both the creators and destroyers, the dreamers and the exploiters behind a wild tale of corporate overreach and brazen fraud. A must for those who enjoyed the many documentaries about the rise and fall of WeWork, Theranos and everybody’s favorite dumpster fire, the Fyre Festival.


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