City agrees to build, maintain Ashford Park city bus shelter

The Columbus Board of Public Works has approved an agreement to build and maintain a city bus shelter at Ashford Park Apartments.

The agreement, between the city and Ashford Park LP, will lead to a new shelter located at the complex on the north side of 10th Street, between Maple Street and Hutchins Avenue. Director of Transportation Scott Robinson told the board they also received sign off from Kittle Property Group, owners of the apartment complex, on the agreement.

It’s not a new ColumBUS stop— a shelter that was owned and maintained by Ashford Park had fallen into poor condition before the complex took it down, according to Columbus Transit’s BethAnn Knots.

Executive Director of Administration Eric Frey said the stop had been a point of inquiry from the public in the past.

“When I first started, I don’t know how many calls we got about that shelter being damaged or not maintained, and come to find out it’s actually owed by them,” Frey said. So this way we can maintain it and it’s a nice little solution to that situation.”