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Asylum-seekers help produce Italy’s famous Brunello wine

CASALE DEL BOSCO, Italy — Summer is arriving in Italy's wine country in Tuscany, and the leaves on the vines shimmer in gold and...

Growth in Burkina Faso gold mining fuels human trafficking

SECACO, Burkina Faso — For months, human traffickers beat and drugged Blessing, hauling the 27-year-old from one gold mine encampment to the next, where...

African Cup: Egypt, Ghana qualify; Gambia, Comoros to debut

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Egypt and Ghana qualified for the African Cup of Nations on Thursday and were joined by Comoros and Gambia,...

FIFA clears 3 former France U21 players to represent Senegal

ZURICH — Three former France Under-21 players had their international eligibility switched to Senegal by FIFA on Tuesday. ...

Turkish sailors abducted by pirates return home from Nigeria

ANKARA, Turkey — Fifteen Turkish sailors who were kidnapped by pirates off west Africa last month returned to Turkey on Sunday. ...