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Pesticide caused kids’ brain damage, California lawsuits say

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Lawsuits filed Monday in California seek potential class-action damages from Dow Chemical and its successor company over a widely used bug...

Smoke, extreme heat pose harsh test for West Coast vineyards

TURNER, Ore. — The heat wave that recently hit the Pacific Northwest subjected the region’s vineyards to record-breaking temperatures nine months after the fields...

Asylum-seekers help produce Italy’s famous Brunello wine

CASALE DEL BOSCO, Italy — Summer is arriving in Italy's wine country in Tuscany, and the leaves on the vines shimmer in gold and...

Patience: In a major home project, the joy is in the work

CASTELBUONO, Sicily — When my wife and I bought a hectare (about 2.5 acres) of countryside with three buildings on it in the mountains...

Biden boosts offshore wind energy, wants to power 10M homes

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is ramping up efforts to sharply increase offshore wind energy along the East Coast, announcing progress on a huge...