Focusing on nutrition during run-up to race

I continue to train for the Mill Race Marathon with the weeks flying past, knowing Sept. 26 will be here soon.

I intersperse my running with cross-training, joining Total Fitness again, and I am swimming every couple of days. I also take long bike rides on the People Trail, and it feels good.

Yoga is my mainstay, and I also walk with friends in the neighborhood.

I have reverted to some solo training because my work and personal schedule is erratic. I can’t do the long Saturday morning runs with the Columbus Running Club and the Mill Race training group because of schedule conflicts.

Columbus North’s cross-country meets are about every Saturday morning, and I don’t want to miss watching any of my daughter’s meets. My other daughter is officially a freshman at Indiana University, so it’s nice that she is now settled in.

I ran the trails at Brown County State Park one Saturday afternoon because I couldn’t run on Saturday morning with the running club. I stick to the well-populated trails for personal safety. It’s a relief to be running on soft ground versus pavement.

One issue that comes up is how to eat properly when training for an event such as the marathon. I have talked to other runners, and most agree that avoidance of sugar is good. I have a sweet tooth, however, so I am trying to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet in general.

I try to eat whole grain as much as possible as well as lots of fruits and vegetables. I eat some meat — maybe once or twice a week.

I make homemade soups in a crock pot a lot. One of my favorite soups consists of lentils, carrots, potatoes and onions. Throw the ingredients in the crock pot in the morning, and you’ve got a hearty soup in the evening.

Smoothies are also easy to make — and yummy. One of my tastiest smoothies is made of frozen cherries, plain yogurt and milk. I try to eat salads for lunch and dinner. A quick, easy evening meal is scrambled eggs with cheese, green peppers and onions.

Going out to eat is fun, but not as nutritious as cooking at home, of course. I do enjoy eating meals out, though. After all, you have to live a little and enjoy life.

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Training schedule
MONDAY: Swim 1 mile, bike 15 milesTUESDAY: Group workout in morning, aerobics, strength, core; run 4 miles easyWEDNESDAY: Bike 25 miles, yogaTHURSDAY: Group workout in morning, aerobics, strength, core; run/walk 6 milesFRIDAY: Rest, yogaSATURDAY: Run/walk 22 miles; yoga and weightsSUNDAY: Bike 25 miles, swim 1 mile