Matt Redmond, Brown County senior soccer player

Redmond scored all five of the Eagles goals in a 5-1 win at Hauser. He added a goal in a 4-2 loss to Martinsville and two goals in Saturday’s 5-0 victory at Northview.

His performance last week: “Last week was a pretty good week. I was happy with it.”

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Do you do anything special to prepare? “I just listen to music on the bus and get prepared for the game.”

Favorite drink: “Gatorade”

Favorite food: “Anything Italian — spaghetti or pasta”

Favorite music group: “I just listen to whatever is on the radio — usually pop music.”

Favorite book: “ESPN The Magazine”

Favorite class: “AP Chemistry”

Role model: “My brothers (David and Jacob)”

Best advice: “Work for everything you do. Work 100 percent every day, and try to reach your goals.”

Athletics goal: “I want to play baseball in college.”

If you could travel anywhere: “Probably Europe because of all the history.”


Kendal Williams, Columbus East sophomore volleyball player

Williams led the Olympians with a combined 100 assists and five aces in four matches Saturday, when East went 2-2 in the Cathedral Invitational. She also had 25 assists in a three-set win at Perry Meridian.

Her performance last week: “I could never do anything without my team. My passers do a great job in the back row, and the hitters make my sets look amazing.”

Do you do anything special to prepare? “I have a lot of fun before games. I talk to my friends.”

Favorite drink: “Water and milk are really the only things I intake.”

Favorite food: “Macaroni”

Favorite music group: “Luke Bryan”

Favorite book: “The Gregor Series”

Favorite class: “Weights”

Role model: “My teammates, because I’m around them every day. They’re just like my family. I love talking to them. I love being with them. It’s great to be around them.”

Best advice: “If you’re having a rough day, or there’s anything that’s going wrong, there’s always going to be a bright side. There’s always the light at the end of the tunnel, so never give up on anything. Never quit.”

Athletics goal: “As a team, I want us to go to the state championship and win.”

If you could travel anywhere: “Probably Brazil. I have a couple of close friends in Brazil. I love the atmosphere down there. They’re really nice and sweet, and the weather is great.”