Around Town – November 11

Orchids to …

• all of our brave veterans on Veterans Day and everyday.

• Sonya the library supervisor for the amazing tribute to all our military, past and present, from appreciative patrons.

• Marla Reed for paying for my drive-thru order and I paid it forward to the next vehicle.

• The Republic, Jewell Rittman Funeral Home, Clay Township Fire Department, Facebook friends, local churches and radio stations and all who helped advertise the Petersville United Methodist Church Turkey Supper.

• Columbus North athletics for awesome performances during the year, from John Tinkey.

• all those responsible for making the 48th annual supper a great success, from the Petersville United Methodist Church.

• Teresa Covert and Bonnie Burbrink and all who made noodles, cooked, baked, stirred, cut pies, carved turkeys, washed dishes, bused tables, parked cars and those who came to enjoy the meal.

• Gary Dismore, BCSC school bus driver, for your assistance in returning the student coat that was left on your bus during the Richards first-grade field trip, and it has been returned to the owner.

• The Republic for uncovering the facts and speaking the inconvenient truth.

• all of the veterans who served in every way in the United States, we honor you, from John Tinkey.

• The Republic for the insightful articles in Sunday’s paper because of your hard work to get facts and not use rumor was very educational on just how our city is being run.

• the extraordinary women’s class for your continued prayers as they mean so much, from The Smiths.

• the Outreach Closet leader and all its contributors for their compassionate mission of providing Christmas gifts to families in need.

• Julie McClure and The Republic for solid, in-depth reporting and outstanding writing in presenting the full story about how the city is being administered.

• American Legion Post 24 for honoring our veterans and their families with a free dinner on Monday evening, from Betty.

• Dr. Max Henry and staff for the services they provide, from John Tinkey.

• Judy Lee for the good supper, from Hazel and Roger.

• Linda Leonard, the optometrist at Walmart on the east side, for fixing my glasses when other optometrists ignored my problem.

• the Columbus Eagles Lodge for an awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner, from John Tinkey.

Onions to …

• businesses, including fast-food restaurants, that advertise starting wages of $8, $9 and $10 an hour as if they’re bragging about it.

• the cashier that is about as friendly as a rabid goat.

Happy Birthday to …

• Velma Pruitt, from your family and Donna.

• Judy Allman, from your family and Donna.

• Noah Clark, from your family and Donna.

• Jackson Fox on No. 11, from Mom, Dad, Keegan, Grayson and Lila.

• my niece Cindy Emminger, from Aunt Pam.

• my son Eric Rudicel, from Mom.

• Dashawn Hendrickson on No. 14, from Mom, Chauncey, Grandma Becky, Aunt Monica, Brandon, Tyler, Brianna, Bentlee and the rest of the family.

• Jennifer Uphaus on a significant birthday.

• Chuck Fox, from Julie, Shelby, Mabel and all of your family.

• Grant Goodnight, from Mt. Pleasant Christian Union Church.

• Ryan Uhls, from Jenniffer and Sidney.

Belated Wishes to …

• Hunter Loweth, from family and friends.

Belated Anniversary wishes

• Bill and Martha Duke on No. 69, from Clifford Chapter of Operation Enduring Freedom.