Letter: Trump posturing to get support from Christians

From: Fred Allman


I know I am going to offend Donald Trump’s supporters with this letter to the editor, but the truth must be spoken. Especially, I want to speak to you Christians. You know Trump wants you to believe he is a Christian and has a reverence for the Bible. But you know this is just posturing to get your support. In fact he puts his book, “The Art of the Deal,” in the same category with the Bible, being only second to it he says.

Since he claims this reverence for the Bible, I will use the Bible against him. Of course he is probably not aware that the biblical Lucifer is a pretty good facsimile of himself. So let me give you Isaiah’s portrait of Lucifer.

According to Isaiah, Lucifer claims to be the greatest angel in heaven. In fact, he believes his talents and abilities make him the equal of God. He says, “I will reign over the congregation.” But God will have none of this. He tells Lucifer he is doomed to fail and be cast down to the ground. Read the whole story in Isaiah’s 14th chapter. I will quote here the exact message in Isaiah 14:12. “You are fallen from heaven oh Lucifer, son of the morning. You have been cast down to the ground.”

I know these words are enigmatic and cryptic. But I am telling you that the Holy Spirit is using them to describe Trump’s destiny. In his hubris and pride he will ignominiously self-destruct and fail in his quest for the presidency. He has offended the eternal God, and all his delusions of grandeur will come to naught, and he will be “cast to the ground never to rule over the congregation.”

Pride is the greatest offense against God, and it carries its own nemesis. “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)