Elementary students learn foreign language ‘classics’

JENNINGS COUNTY — The Jennings County High School Foreign Language Department has been busy for the last three weeks with an event called “Saturday Classics.”

The “Saturday Classics” event lasted for three weeks and involved students in the Spanish, French and German language classes. The event was conducted for the Spanish language Feb. 27, French on March 5, and German on March 12.

Students who attend elementary schools across Jennings County were encouraged to come and learn about different aspects from the three languages. That included learning about numbers, colors, geography, dances and food, as well as creating different crafts.

“I think it was interesting how the children interacted with us. I enjoyed seeing how they were interested in learning another language, and I liked how they were having fun,” said Luis Angel Sanchez, a high-school student and staff member at the Spanish session.

Foreign language students and teachers served as instructors for the events. There were 59 students at the Spanish course, 50 at the French course and 56 at the German event.

German teacher Ben Jaquess enjoyed watching the youngsters react to learning new things. “I love that the high school students are able to have a part in expanding horizons for the elementary students. ‘Saturday Classics’ are sometimes a first glimpse into the greater world around them,” Jaquess said.