Letter: Lauer seeking office for right reasons

From: Russell Poling Sr.


I strongly urge you to support my good friend, Ryan Lauer, for the Republican nomination for state representative for District 59. He is a true conservative, which he continuously demonstrated while serving on the Bartholomew County Council.

If elected he will strengthen our education system, keep taxes low, attract good-paying jobs and ensure our state’s veterans are properly taken care of. He is a strong opponent of the increase in gasoline taxes passed by our current House members and will fight to make sure this defeated proposal stays defeated. Ryan’s position was that our state treasury has enough surplus that some of it could be used for road repairs and improvements. Our governor and state Senate agree, since they fought the House proposal to increase the gasoline taxes.

Ryan will fight to protect your constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment, while also keeping the government out of your personal business. As a proponent of business, he will support initiatives that offer sensible tax incentives but more importantly work with local colleges to ensure our communities have a properly trained and skilled workforce to fill those jobs. Attracting jobs without having a properly trained workforce is only half of the solution.

As an honorably discharged veteran, I thank Ryan for his work to protect all veterans, and I know he will continue that fight in the Legislature. All veterans have sacrificed a great deal, and we appreciate it when our elected officials honor that sacrifice.

I am convinced that Ryan is willing and able to serve our community, and I commend him for putting himself out there. He is not doing this for the glory of it nor the pay, which is very small, but instead he is doing it because he cares about his community, and he wants to ensure our community continues to keep improving so when his sweet little girls grow up, they will be able to enjoy a prosperous and safe place to call home.

I believe so strongly in Ryan that I have even volunteered to be his campaign manager. I know he is the right person to represent our district. Please exercise your constitutional duty and join me in voting for Ryan Lauer for state representative in the Republican primary on May 3.