Letter: Benjamin, Smith, Kleinhenz top choices

From: Frank Jerome


This is a three-in-one personal endorsement letter. I am strongly supporting three candidates: Kelly Benjamin, Milo Smith and Larry Kleinhenz.

Kelly Benjamin has an amazing resume that has made her the perfect candidate for the Bartholomew Circuit Court judgeship. Besides the long list of accomplishments and honors, she is a lifelong Republican and one of the nicest people in the county.

Milo Smith is our District 59 state representative. He has done an outstanding job of representing us. He is willing to stand up for his strong conservative values. He is accessible to voters and is at almost every public function talking to anyone who wishes to say hello or ask a question. He is a true gentleman.

Larry Kleinhenz, as a Bartholomew County commissioner, is a great representative of the taxpayers. He is fiscally conservative and has fought to keep county taxes as low as possible. He, too, is accessible and always answers questions directly. He is most willing to work with the city government to resolve problems and seeks to find ways to mutually reduce costs. He, too, is a gentleman.

These three candidates share one important trait: they all exhibit the heart of a servant in their dealings with the public. Each has shown this over and over in their careers. They each deserve your support and vote.