Letter: Nowlin will put education first in statehouse

From: David Glesing


I have had the privilege of teaching math in Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. for 24 years. One of the first people I met when I began my teaching career in Columbus was Dale Nowlin. Dale’s mentorship over these many years has shown me that listening to my students and improving my questioning leads to better engagement. Undoubtedly, his understanding of such skills will serve him well in listening to his constituents and representing us at the Statehouse.

Education is very important to me. I have dedicated my career to teaching, and my wife and I are both first-generation college graduates. I am tired of education being used as a political pawn. The attacks that teachers have endured over the last several years by Indiana politicians have done nothing to benefit education. I am frustrated by politicians who believe they understand student assessments better than those of us who are actually working daily in the education field.

A 2015 Indianapolis Star article stated that the Indiana Department of Education reported 16,578 new teacher licenses were issued during the 2009-10 school year. That number dropped to 6,174 new teachers for the 2013-14 school year. Apparently, the education legislation that was implemented during that time has not had the desired effect, or did it?

Dale Nowlin is an excellent math teacher who will take his hands-on classroom knowledge to the Indiana Legislature where over half of the state’s budget is spent on education, yet very few in office have an educator’s perspective. Dale has taught thousands of students, and they along with their parents and grandparents have experienced firsthand how he has helped students learn new skills and grow in their education. He will fight for the voice of students, parents and teachers to help direct improvements in education, over those of politicians who have made decisions that favor testing companies. Today’s students are tomorrow’s taxpayers; strong education benefits all.

In addition to his passion for education, Dale is an active community member who will take a thoughtful, considerate, data-driven approach sorely needed at the Statehouse. His strengths in math and data, along with his love for people, the environment and the economy, are the perfect combination for our next state representative in District 59.

Please join me in voting for Dale Nowlin for Democratic candidate for state representative, District 59, in the primary election.