Lots of neat things to see and listen to

I recently visited one of the farmers markets east of Columbus. Those markets are always a fun place to get the feel of farming. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies and loads of lovely smelling herbs and glorious flowers, not to mention the smiling faces.

We were in for a surprise, as we were treated to a glimpse of the young turkeys, cute as can be, tenderly raised, fed and cared for in anticipation of the petting zoo that is held at the Hackman Farm in the fall. The young females are called chicks or turklings, and the young males called toms. At Thanksgiving all are generously donated to some very lucky recipients.

Listen to this

The Something Epic for Kids! podcast was created by two very bright cousins from Indianapolis, Ainsley, 8 and Elizabeth, 9. They have a great deal of talent and love to share thoughts, experiences and adventures on their very own podcast.

The proud grandparents of these little ladies are Greg and Marilyn Harter of Columbus.

The girls’ latest effort is Episode 13 with Shelly Bergman interviewing the girls for Indy’s Child magazine. Regular segments on their podcast include “Yay of the Day,” “Friendship Advice,” “Whine of the Week” and “Stuff We Learned in School.”

To listen to their latest or if you have little guests who would enjoy, go to somethingepicforkids.com. This past week, they were with their grandfather, a model railroad aficionado, visiting the National Model Railroad Association in Indianapolis, where the girls won the People’s Choice first place award for their HO gauge pickle plant and pickle car, and grandfather and his daughter won First Place in the scratch-built passenger car category, with the Chapel car.

Ainsley and Elizabeth also interviewed Bob Hamm, president of the NMRA, for their podcast.

Award winner

Every week day at the crack of dawn, I watch CBS4 morning news from 5 to 7 a.m. for the very latest on what’s happening in Indiana. The crew includes Marianne Lyles and Tim Doty, who anchor the news with Nicole Pence Becker; meteorologist Lindsay Riley does the weather and Katie Solove does traffic.

Pence recently won the regional Emmy award in broadcasting for her special series on David Letterman’s retirement where she reported live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City during the final days of the Letterman show on CBS.

Interesting trip

Pensacola Naval Air Station was a family destination this past weekend where we spent some very special time with our grandson, a Marine pilot who will be in training for the next 18 months.

Our trip included a visit to the Pensacola Naval Air Station and the Air Museum, which houses an amazing panorama of any and all planes built. There were Navy and Marine planes of the past, going back to World Wars I and II. It was exciting seeing the development of both engines and planes up to the present. This museum is housed on the base and free to the public.

We stayed at the Lee House in historic Pensacola, a lovely old remolded 19th century home. This area has been restored and includes quaint architecture, many neat shops and restaurants, an art museum and performing arts