Some local students are learning about politics as local Democrats have tapped into the lively youth of the community. The Jennings County Young Democrats debuted at the county fair and have since been active with the party.

Members get the opportunity to meet community leaders and learn about what it takes to become a leader within the community, gaining important leadership and communication skills and knowledge on their government at the local and state level.

The Young Democrats meet from 4 to 6 p.m. the last Tuesday of every month, and members may volunteer at the Jennings County Democratic Party headquarters each week.

Members of the Young Democrats assist experienced party members with organizing voter information, making phone calls to voters requesting absentee ballots and discussing new ways to get people interested community politics. The students also learn about issues facing the community and discuss how to resolve them.

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Although small, the group hopes to expand and involve more of the county’s youth in the political process and community affairs. A community Pokémon Go event was scheduled for Saturday in hopes of attracting more of Jennings County’s youth to register to vote.

The Jennings County Young Democrats are using Facebook and Twitter as social media platforms to reach people.

Carlotta Nixon is a senior at Jennings County High School.