Letter: It’s clear representative is not on our side

From: Steven William Schoettmer


I am disappointed in state Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus. He blocked the redistricting vote, even though there was evidence of support for it in his committee. He seems interested in ending the net metering policy, where customers who install solar panels can sell their excess energy back to the power companies.

He continues to preach about income tax cuts, while simultaneously trying to transfer those taxes to user fees, cigarette taxes and gas taxes. Doing that disproportionately transfers taxes from the rich to the lower and middle class. If you have a flat tax, then cut that flat tax. People at the top ends of the income scale receive a boon in a reduction of taxes paid, while people on the bottom end, who need help the most, receive pennies.

On top of that you still have the continuing effects of the right-to-work law that he helped to pass in 2012. Studies show that these types of laws cut overall income for union and non-union households in the states where they have been enacted.

It seems clear that Milo Smith is not on our side.