Hundreds of devoted mountain bike riders and trail runners are expected for two upcoming events at Muscatatuck County Park.

The DINO (Do Indiana Off-road) Spring Tune-Up Mountain Bike Challenge and the DINO Trail Run are set for Saturday.

DINO sports events have been conducted at Muscatatuck County Park for 15 years and seem to increase in participation each year, park director Greg Martin said.

“Last year there were over 250 riders and another 200 runners. From the preregistration counts, I would say there will be at least that this year,” Martin said.

DINO sponsors more than 20 events across Indiana.

“DINO schedules move events around to change up the series and this year is our turn to have the Tune-up event, which is kind of a pre-race for the season,” Martin said.

The Tune-Up event gives riders a chance to practice for the upcoming DINO series of mountain bike events, and gives new bikers a chance to test their skills to see if they are ready to participate in mountain bike races, he added.

The trail run is mapped along scenic hills, valleys, across creeks and along natural obstacles. It is not designed for record speeds, but awards are given for levels of completion.

“I think this is the earliest the park has ever bloomed, and the trails should be very beautiful for the riders and the bikers. Muscatatuck holds the DINO events rain or shine, so if it rains it may be muddy but it will be fun,” Martin said.

How to register

To register or for more information, go to or call 317-336-7553. Or, click on and click “events”.