John Squadra, a Wood Lake resident and artist, donated his painting of construction work at the new Cummins Engine Co. research center to a fundraising event for Booth-Setser Elementary School in 1967. Students pictured are Cathy Givens, a sixth-grade student, and Allen Stephens, a fifth-grader, both members of the Booth-Setser student council. From The Republic archives


Columbus Fire Department responded to more than 10 fires started by vandals in restrooms and dumpsters at Lincoln Elementary School, Columbus North High School and Donner Park.


More than 300 Bartholomew County residents responded to The Republic’s informal poll regarding proposed Sunday hours at Bartholomew County Public Library with an overwhelming majority indicating they favored the building being open on that day.


Purdue University announced it would offer 20 courses in Columbus beginning in the fall.