Around Town – May 27

Orchids to …

• Hope Elementary School for an awesome graduation for the kindergarten class on Thursday morning, from Maxine.

• Daniel and the Chipotle crew for taking my phone order and preparing my only meal in more than 14 hours with such kindness while you were trying to close up.

• Mr. Roberts who was very kind in helping me push my broke-down motorcycle home on Thursday night.

• the man who repaired my lawn mower tire and did not charge me.

• Dr. Benjamin and staff for being so wonderful.

• Becky for the great food and gifts, and for bringing Cassius for the entertainment, from Aunt Joyce.

• Tamara Stone Iorio for her amazing series of books on Columbus.

• Clara Eckert for a great letter on the roundabout.

• Silver Oaks Health Campus for hosting a fantastic paint and pasta night.

Onions to …

• the person who sent me three anonymous letters.

• those who go to churches when they are having a pitch-in or any kind of food.

• the person in line at the school function for rude behavior.

• people who have over-sexualized breasts to the point that they are unable to see them for their primary purpose of feeding a baby.

• those who don’t understand that the only burden people in wheelchairs face is ignorance and a deliberate indifference to their civil rights.

• the news media for — typically — overusing the term “firestorm.”

• the doctors who prescribed my child under-the-tongue drops that are not FDA-approved, have dangerous side effects despite their claims and for which I have to pay as they are not covered by insurance.

• people who need to stop worrying about evil and start worrying about the apathetic.

• the repair shop for charging me a fortune and still not repairing my car.

• whoever grabbed my purse, which had my phone and all of my upcoming doctor’s appointments in it, out of the cart in the store parking lot on Wednesday afternoon.

• those who degrade people behind their backs or speak badly about homeless people so they are able to hear it.

Happy Birthday to …

• Morgan Smith, from your family and Donna.

• Pete Wilkerson, from your family and Donna.

• Jacqueline Speaker, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Ray Bryant, Charles Norton, Christina Whites and Montana Link, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Larry Higdon, from Marian, Jeanette, Imojene, Charlene and the Millers.

• Briley Ballman on No. 4, from Aunt Marian, Aunt Imojene, Shawn, Vicky, Zachary, Lyndsay and Weston.

• Lori Myers, from Mark and Debbie Hartwell.

• Pat Dodd and David Reed, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lucas Myers.

• Wesley Martin.

• Julie Michael, from Martha.

• Isaac Burden on No. 8, from Lindsey, Jesse, Anna, Peyton and Malachi.

• Teresa Brown, from Mom.

• Matthew Ritchison, from Mamaw Jan.

• John Blanford, from Emily and John.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Jill Newlin, from Lindsey, Jesse, Anna, Peyton and Malachi.

• Sheila Taulman, from Kim King Smith.