Letter: Local man will truly be missed by many

From: Karen Glaze

Lynnwood, Washington

Whoever believes America is not great is certainly not James  (Jim) T. Bowman of nearby Elizabethtown. He was a true Hoosier and native son from your area who lived his belief and dreams in this great country.

“Land of the free and home of the brave” was his unspoken devotion to all God had bestowed on his life journey. Jim never wavered from honesty, integrity and faith in his Lord. This man walked the talk of Jesus, showing his love and hospitality to all. Jim’s smile could light up the darkest days for all who were honored to be in his presence.

Jim recently went on to be in the arms of Jesus. We who grieve his passing also express our gratitude for the wonderful memories we hold close to our hearts and the legacy of faithfulness he showed throughout his life.

As Woody Guthrie sang, “This land is your land, This Land is my Land,” and it truly is our great land of America. We alone can keep it great by believing in our hearts it is now and will be in the days ahead. What better legacy can any one person leave for us who remain?