Planning ahead for day of event critical

I won’t say I am very proud of the training I have been doing in the past two weeks. Family visiting, some travel and then being under the weather has prevented me from going to the next level. I have been doing a few short runs and some weight training, but I have not done any long runs in the past two weeks.

Although I am not happy with the way things have gone, I am not exactly nervous. I know that I have been running for a while now and will be able to get back on my distance and my pace.

We are just three weeks away from the marathon now, so the next two weeks are critical now for our training.

Some of the things we plan to focus on in the next two weeks:

1. Running in the morning. We have done all of our long runs in the evenings. When you run in the evenings, the weather starts getting better as you get toward the end. This factor has been helping us in our runs. However, in the actual marathon the weather will get hotter toward the end, and things will get more difficult. We need to practice for that.

2. Food that we eat before our morning run. This is going to be critical since we are going to be on an empty stomach all night, so we really need to figure out what is the best energy source for us before we start the race.

3. Running clothes. Have been warned by many people to practice with exactly the same clothes that I plan to wear during the final run.

4. Are we going to use any power gels during the run? If yes, then at what mile? Need to figure this one out quickly now.

5. Running on multiple different routes. I am excited about the half-marathon. You can see so many people now in Columbus running on the sidewalks. The marathon fever is surely picking up in the city. The next month is extremely crucial now, and my focus is going to be only on the marathon for the next three weeks.

Training calendar

Dipti Gore’s training schedule for this week:

Monday: Weight training, spinning and yoga

Tuesday: Four-mile run

Wednesday: Weight training, spinning

Thursday: Eight-mile run in the morning, yoga in the evening

Friday: Three-mile run, weight training and yoga