Truck giveaway keeps hopefuls in suspense

When the running was done, the waiting began — to see whose name would be called as the winner of a brand new truck.

Organizers kept attendees in suspense by naming that the winner was from the half-marathon, then their gender … and what age they were between.

However, no one stepped forward after the first three names were called.

On the fourth attempt, it was Martha Cutrell, a resident from Evanston in Spencer County, who walked away with a 2017 Cummins crew cab truck worth $50,000. Cheers erupted outside The Commons as Cutrell’s name was called and was surrounded by five close friends.

Cutrell, 56, participated in the half marathon for the second time and had her choice of a burgundy or red truck — awarded by Bob Poynter and Cummins Inc.

She expressed shock when she was her name was called, but that didn’t deter her from calling her husband Randy to share the news.

“You’re not going to believe what happened,” Cutrell said shortly after being named the winner.

Cutrell, who works as an office manager for a cabinet hardware company in Jasper, said her husband was just as shocked as she was. Cutrell chose the burgundy truck after getting some input from her husband.

She said being picked as the truck winner was a good way to end the day.

While she said she initially wasn’t sure if she would participate next year, walking away with a new truck might have changed that decision.

“Now I might have to,” Cutrell said with a laugh.

Bike winners

Four individuals each won bicycles in the 5K Bike Giveaway.

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  • Iris Crough, Columbus
  • LeAnne Robson, Indianapolis
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