Around Town – October 4

Orchids to …

• Mr. Frazee for generously supporting Shaylie’s efforts for Mt. Healthy to send books to a school affected by Hurricane Harvey (Scarborough Elementary, Houston, Texas).

• David Eder for the wonderful card and for the many years of service as our postal carrier; you will be missed.

• operators of city truck No. 165 for the neat and efficient pick-up of tree trimmings Monday on Waycross Drive.

• volunteer Julie Robbins and the animal care group for rescuing three stray cats from my yard.

• Linda Brown for showing me such beautiful pictures of Florence, Italy.

• Jimmy Daily and his family for the great field trip to the soybean harvest from Little Seeds Preschool.

• Rick Bush at Bush’s market and to Mr. Tony Hardin for teaching us what farmers do from Little Seeds Preschool.

• Rodney Ferrenburg and Columbus Collision Center for their courteous and expedient service towing my pickup truck to the service station.

Onions to …

• drivers who don’t realize that turning right on red light requires that it is legal to do so, safe, and one must come to a full stop before doing so.

• those who do not realize that Americans killing Americans will not slow until there are strict gun control laws.

• heroin dealers, responsible for dozens of overdoses, only getting 10 years in prison.

• the employee who always runs to the boss to tattle on others.

• people who continually lie about the state of our decaying community in order to keep tourism going.

• teachers who don’t update PowerSchool grades or promptly return graded assignments.

• people who need to change the way they think, and demand we control people and not guns.

• the city for not upholding rules and regulations of established neighborhoods for fence heights that have been longstanding policies in the rules of governing neighborhoods.

• football players who don’t stand up and honor the flag during the national anthem.

• politicians that ring up our national debt to $20-some trillion and especially the $140 billion they give every year to people who are in our country illegally.

Happy Birthday to …

• Janet Hankins, from your family and Donna.

• MacKenzie Streeval, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Devon Pruden, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Mary Dellon Grossman, from Elsie.

• Shelby Rhoades.

• Daron Thayer.

• Hayden Stoddard.

• Kyra Nading.

• Jenny Fear Kessler, from Jill.

• Jenny Kessler, from Barb and Gordon Schnadinger, your husband Steve and all your family.

• Carol Wade, from your husband, Rick.

• Debbie Blanford, from Charlotte and all your family and friends.

• Ada England, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Kevin and Angie Ford, from Aunt Paulette.