Letter: Kneeling doesn’t solve problems

From: Ken Chandler


NFL minions continue to kneel for our national anthem. Commissioner Roger Goodell said President Donald Trump disrespected the NFL. Minions show a greater disrespect not only for the national anthem, but also for active military members, veterans, police, EMTs, firefighters, security and others who protect and preserve our freedom. They also disrespect the NFL, their team, owners, players who stand, paying fans, sponsors, our nation and victims and families of terrorists.

Recently, 8-year old football players and their coach and parents knelt. One player said it was because a white police officer killed a black citizen. News reports said the victim disobeyed police orders and allegedly tried to run over officers. Did the parents and coach explain that disobedience has consequences, in this case deadly?

Protesters protest police treatment of blacks and social injustice. Do they protest black treatment of police, blacks killing blacks in Chicago or domestic violence in the NFL?

In Mark 14 of the Bible a woman poured an expensive perfume on Jesus’ head. Some said this was a waste of perfume as it could have been sold for more than a year’s wages and the money given to the poor. Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.” Extrapolated, social injustice, racism, bigotry, inequality and all forms of evil will always exist. We should always strive to reduce these despicable attributes, but because we are sinful, unfortunately they will always exist in some form.

Kneeling does not solve problems. What social injustice has been rectified by kneeling? Protesters need to do something positive. Run for public office, join or establish an organization that does something. Join the military. How many protesters have served their country in any fashion? Ride with a police officer to see the many situations in which they find themselves. Give up their privileged high-paying jobs and join a police force and work the streets.

If they want to kneel, visit veterans’ memorials, any cemetery containing veterans or a hospital where wounded warriors reside. While kneeling, pray a prayer of thanks for those soldiers and others, some of whom gave their lives, who fought for the protesters’ right and freedom to disrespect the nation, veterans and first responders. Give thanks for being blessed with the opportunities they have.

NFL protesters played in England and knelt for the national anthem, but stood for “God Save the Queen.” This is akin to Jane Fonda disgracefully siding with North Vietnam during that war.

Maybe some day they will realize just how fortunate and privileged they are and will respect this nation and those whom made it possible.

In spite of our nation’s problems, I love my country, respect it, pray for it and proudly stand for the national anthem because of the freedoms that we all have.