City renews marketing firm’s contract

Columbus has approved a contract with a local marketing firm to provide website support and other services on behalf of the city.

The Columbus Board of Works on Tuesday approved a one-year contract renewal with Columbus-based TD Advertising for $43,438.40. The firm has been used by the city since 2010.

The last contract was signed by the city in 2016, and terms stayed the same for 2017, said Mary Ferdon, executive director of administration and community development for the city.

The only change between the 2016 and 2018 contracts is the number of hours increases from 20 to 25 a month with the hourly rate staying the same, Ferdon said. Cost for the licenses did not change, she said.

The money had already been budgeted and will come out of the city’s general fund, Ferdon said. The work performed by TD Advertising includes website marketing, maintenance, licenses for an event calendar and the ability to edit special forms, according to the contract.

The firm is also responsible for advertising events and creating graphics on behalf of the city, said Katia Hatter, a partner with TD Advertising.

TD Advertising has a separate contract with the Columbus Redevelopment Commission for a website about the railroad overpass project at the State Road 46/State Road 11 intersection. A contract between the commission and TD Advertising for an amount not to exceed $22,500 was approved Nov. 21, 2016, said Heather Pope, redevelopment director for the city.

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