Around Town – March 8

Orchids to …

• Smith School P.E. teacher, Pam Smith for the unexpected and much appreciated positive news email from a parent.

• Glenn Petri for an outstanding letter.

• Glenn Petri for a very informative letter.

• the person who has been secretly shoveling my driveway, from Jackie Stewart.

• Jay Heater for the Cincinnati Reds schedule, from a Cincinnati Reds fan.

• Alexis Crabtree for being such a sweet little girl and doing so good in school, from the entire Crabtree family.

• Glenn Petri for an eye- opening letter to the editor.

• David Smith for helping me across an icy parking lot Thursday, from Jennifer.

• everyone who says thank you.

• all grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

• the maintenance staff at Briarwood Apartments for the great snow removal from our sidewalks and parking lot, from Linda on Springbrook Drive.

• the nice couple in the black Ford Taurus who bought our breakfast at McDonald’s on Saturday morning, you made our day, from the people in the silver car.

• The gentleman in the tow truck who stopped and stayed with me until the ambulance showed up when my son had a seizure, I am forever grateful for you.

• the young man in the pickup truck who saw I was in trouble clearing snow in my driveway on Washington Street and kindly stopped to push me out of piled snow March 1, your kindness was very much appreciated, from Dutch.

• all the Destination Imagination coaches.

Happy Birthday to …

• Uncle Matt, from Cade, Kevin, Angie, and Craig Whittington.

• Logan Hoene, from Grandma Tricia, Grandma Roberts and Uncle Mikel.

• Stacy Knapp, from Pat and Mike.

• Brad Covert, from VPI Purchasing Team.

• Deena Bratcher, from the VPI Purchasing Team.

• Matthew Zeller, from Friends at the Moravian Church.

• Elsie Newton.

• Chad Hanner.

• Todd Justus.

• Bob Bullock from Janet, your family and Donna.

• Shirley Phares, from Rita, Bonnie and Donna.

• Chris Lazzell, from Bill.

Belated Wishes to …

• Diana Taylor, from Hudepohl.

• Thomas Zeller, from friends at The Moravian Church.

• Peggy Anderson, from Bobbi and Richard.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ray and Jean Caudill, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.