Letter: Pitman can change Indiana for the better

From: Ann Jones


I write to give my total support to Bob Pitman, the Democratic candidate for District 59 state representative. He is an Indiana native who is eager to make Indiana more progressive.

There is so much at stake for Indiana in November, and Bob can bring about the changes we need. He is a man of persevering service. He was largely responsible for our excellent Mill Race Center, and he wishes to do all he can for Indiana seniors. I worked with Bob within Leadership Bartholomew County in the late 1980s because we both had concern for the mental health of our community as well as the need for more detox facilities for substance abusers — especially the underinsured or uninsured. Both problems still exist, and Bob still wishes to address them at the state level.

He wishes to raise the minimum wage and ensure quality education and a much more collaborative relationship with the state superintendent of schools.

Unlike Milo Smith, the Republican incumbent, Bob’s work would have no ill effects on county revenue. According to the assessor’s office, of the 408 county tax appeals, Milo represented 56 percent of them. Of those 390 appeals that went forward to the state level, Milo represented 96 percent of them. Is this appropriate for a state representative to negatively affect county budgets? Let’s help Bob serve all the residents of District 59.