Ceraland volunteer who was a reserve deputy arrested on child molestation charge

COLUMBUS, Ind. — A Hope man was arrested at a campground in Bartholomew County over the weekend on child molestation and other charges of a sexual nature.

Larry Lee Scott, 72, who was a Bartholomew County reserve deputy and a security volunteer at Ceraland, was arrested by Indiana State Police troopers on charges of child molestation, child exploitation, vicarious sexual gratification, child solicitation, sexual battery and possession of paraphernalia, said Sgt. Jerry D. Goodin, state police public information officer.

Ceraland is a nonprofit park and sports complex located at 3989 S. County Road 525E, southeast of Columbus.

Scott was arrested late Saturday after state troopers, called to the campground regarding a child molestation complaint, completed their preliminary investigation, Goodin said.

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers said Scott had been affiliated with the Bartholomew County Sheriff Department since the early 1970s, serving as chief deputy for former sheriff Jim McKinney, and serving as a reserve and special deputy under numerous other sheriffs over the years.

Scott has been removed from his role as a reserve deputy under Myers administration, he said this morning.

Myers sent out a notification to county officials and sheriff’s department personnel saying Scott is no longer serving in any capacity with the sheriff’s department and is to be treated as a civilian by all employees, he said this morning.

“We will cooperate with the State Police investigation as it continues,” Myers said.

The investigation is ongoing, however, with additional leads to investigate, Goodin said.

Scott was incarcerated at the Bartholomew County Jail.