Chihuly’s Yellow Neon Chandelier receives an early spring cleaning

Few can boast they have a 1,200-pound, elaborate, ornate, exquisite and expensive work by one of the world’s premier glass sculptors that requires a cleaning every now and then.

A company spent a few days this week carefully cleaning one of Columbus’ most iconic visitor attractions, Dale Chihuly’s Yellow Neon Chandelier, a show-stopper at the local Visitors Center.

“The real cleaning challenge is with the most intricate parts,” said Regan O’Reilly, senior manager of the Seattle-based Denny Park Fine Arts, a specialty art firm that cleans, packs, uninstalls and ships major art work.

The challenge that O’Reilly references is understandable, considering that Dale Chihuly’s Yellow Neon Chandelier hanging at the visitors center features more than 900 cascading pieces of blown glass swirling this way and that to make one of the city’s most widely recognized pieces of public art.

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