Around Town – March 20

Orchids to …

• Victor and Alice Schrader for always being available to assist everyone in our neighborhood — your kindness is always appreciated!

• Scott of Brown’s Furniture Restoration for the beautiful job on the small cabinet with the water-damaged top.

• President Trump for wanting a wall to keep us safe and drugs out.

• the tens of millions of Christians who do not support this administration.

• the Newsweek article on Mike Pence and his subservience to remain vice president.

• Democrats who haven’t lost their Christian principles.

• Lowe’s Home Improvement, their considerate employees and their service to the community.

• Frank Anderson and Frank Anderson Tire and all their employees and their years of service; best wishes to Frank on his retirement.

• dermatologist Dr. Laura Burdick for finding the melanoma.

• Carter’s Sweeper Sales for their great and fast service.

• the letter from Shirley Todd and to the Methodist Church.

• Shirley Todd for her excellent letter to the editor about the Methodist church.

• Susan in the Kroger pharmacy for going above and beyond in getting our prescriptions ready early, from the Hadleys.

• the library reference desk genius who found the song I wanted and printed the words for me.

• the local United States Postal Service carriers for scrambling around Monday afternoon to get the mail delivered albeit late in the Northbrook subdivision after the regular postal carrier needed to leave because his wife went into labor.

• Shirley Todd for her insightful and inspirational latter concerning the United Methodist Church, from a fellow member.

• Dr. Lindsay Johnson-Heck for being so kind and caring and office staff also from Addison Satterfield and Stacy.

• the newest republic paper carrier on State Road 7 for doing an outstanding job delivering the paper on time and in all kinds of bad weather and putting the paper in bags, from a very happy customer.

• Dr. Deena Stoner, thank you for the wonderful and compassionate care for Major, from Brenda.

• George Bush for saying Monday that America’s immigrant history made us who we are and may we never forget that immigration is a blessing and a strength.

• the firemen who voluntarily built the wheelchair ramp for a retired fireman, from somebody who really appreciates their compassion and service.

Onions to …

• those who don’t realize that a wall helps to keep out those horrible drugs.

• the elected official’s trade war doing damage to Hoosier soybean farms, which is comparable to the damage done during years of bad weather.

• the national media for not reporting on the 120 Christians slaughtered by Muslim herdsmen in Nigeria last week.

• a world of only Republicans who wouldn’t have anyone to dislike except themselves.

• the elected official who derailed potentially productive talks with North Korea on de-nuclearization.

• noise nuisances in Columbus, I would like to trade your train horn on the west side for the vehicles and motorcycles on McKinley Avenue.

• adult siblings who never apologize for stealing from their parents, parents’ businesses and family.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sharon Montgomery from your family, Paula and Donna

• Miguel Aranda from your family and Donna

• Jon Seegraves from Taylor, Abby, Ash and Kira.

• Lindsay Miller on No 21 from Mamaw Kirby and Imogene and the Kirbys.

• Lindsay Miller on No. 21, from Mom, Dad, Zachary and Weston.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Toni Jordan on No. 21, from Dale.

ANOTHER beautiful morning