Campaign finance report summaries

Elaine Wagner Submited photo

The following are campaign finance report summaries for city council candidates with opponents in the general election. Cumulative donations and expenditures since Jan. 1 totaling $100 or more are reported below. Cash on hand at the beginning of the year is not reflected in these figures.


Incumbent Republican Dascal Bunch:

Contributions: $95.54 (no specific contributors listed)

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Expenditures: None over $100

Democratic challenger Jerone Wood:

Contributions: $3,715 (no specific contributors listed)


$749: The Tony London Company, Columbus

$505.57: Donner Center Dining Room, Columbus

$237.04: VistaPrint

$200: Whittney Gaines, Indianapolis

Independent challenger Michael Kinder:


$1,418.72: Michael Kinder, Columbus


$1,037.46: VistaPrint, Waltham, Massachusetts


Incumbent Democrat Elaine Wagner:


$4,942: Cash donations from July 13 fundraiser

$1,000: Jason Sun, San Jose, California; Brandon Jiang, Columbus

$500: Rich and Tammy Freeland, Columbus; Hai Liu and Lingjie Zhao, Columbus; Bartholomew County Democratic Women

$400: David and Susan Zhuang, Columbus

$300: Tengchung and Yuhshiow Zhuang, Columbus; Yiping Zhuang and Tracy Wei, Columbus

$250: Michael Carter, Indianapolis; Melissa Lin, Columbus

$200: Peiwei Wang, Columbus; Ligong and Yuxia Wang, Columbus; Hongbin Ma and Yifei Yuan, Columbus; Jian Dong Luo and Bo Hong, Columbus; An Cao and Jinyong Luo, Columbus; Gary and Robin Hilber, Columbus; Nanyan Chu and Qingwen Song, Columbus; Chang Zhang and Diana Wang, Columbus; Alan Zhao and Hay Ko, Columbus; Michael and Jodi Engelstad, Columbus; Benlin Liu, Columbus; Tom Mueller, Columbus; Joanne and Khamphet Munnicha, Columbus; Jungmin and Ginshien Sung, Columbus

$150: Eric and Su Ker, Columbus; John and Elizabeth Kestler, Columbus; Yuetao Zhang, Columbus; Shuzhong Li and Lin Yin, Columbus

$120: Lingson Guo and Qiuhua Yu, Columbus

$101: Yundi Lin and Yi Luo, Columbus

$100: Kathy A. Thompson, Columbus; Sam and Mildred Maier, Columbus; Stephanie Garrett, Columbus; Guangping Pan, Columbus; Hai Geng and Weiwen Wang, Columbus; Zizhu Zhu, Columbus; Ran Duan, Palatine, Illinois; Tianyi Luo and Fei Du, Columbus; James Fu and Lin Xu, Columbus; Ming-Feng Hsieh, Nashville, Indiana; Yong Ching Chen and Yuh Jen Chen, Columbus; Fengling Lu and Qiqing Jiang, Columbus; Hong Zhang, Columbus; Zhihua Liu and Xiaofei Ouyang, Columbus; Zhen Sun and Ying Yue, Columbus; Shih-Chieh Wang, Columbus; Shi Yuan and Jialin Chen, Columbus; Qiang and Xiaoyin Wang, Columbus; Juching Pan, Columbus


$3,081.60: Tony London Company, Columbus

$2,080: White River Broadcasting, Columbus

$1,442.19: Vistaprint, Waltham, Massachusetts

$1,010: Reising Radio Partners Inc., Columbus

$500: Indiana Glass Coatings, Columbus

$250: Hotel Indigo, Columbus

$272.15: ZwanzigZ Pizza, Columbus

$125: Catie Rix Photography, Columbus

$100: Our Hospice of South Central Indiana, Columbus

Republican challenger Jim Hartsook:


$500: A.W. Foster

$140: Jim Hartsook, Columbus

$100: Kenneth Whipker, Columbus


$722.25: Quick Signs

$637: White River Broadcasting

$315.65: Hoosier Sporting Goods


Incumbent Republican David Bush:


$202.50: David Bush, Columbus


$202.50: Kings Window Tint

Democratic challenger Katea Ravega


$500: Democratic Women, Columbus

$400: Democratic Party, Columbus

$322.16: Katea Ravega, Columbus

$300: Dennis Baute

$250: Melissa Lin, Wuhan, China

$200: Paul Langer, Lincolnwood, Illinois

$150: Mark Bina, Highland Park, Illinois; Randall Fearnow, Chicago


$1,838.87: Fastsigns, Columbus

$250: Ragtag LLC, San Francisco


Incumbent Republican Frank Miller:

Contributions: None over $100

Expenditures: None

Democratic challenger Michael Schoumacher:


$1,500: Indiana Realtors Political Action Committee, Indianapolis

$1,150: Dayle N. Rosa-Tom, South Pasadena, California;

$550: Dennis Baute, Columbus

$500: Kyla Collins and Benjamin D. Collins, Columbus; Robert and Rebecca Schoumacher, Memphis, Tennessee; Tom Vujovich, Columbus

$400: Bartholomew County Democratic Party, Columbus

$390: Bartholomew County Democratic Women, Columbus

$250: Ryan Hous, Columbus

$200: Ted Mayo, Annandale, Virginia; William Fernandez Rosa, Hilo, Hawaii

$150: Edward M. Gentry and Karen J. Gentry, McLean, Virginia; Les E. Freeman and Janet G. Freeman, Memphis, Tennessee

$100: Bret and Michelle Kelch, Columbus; Bruce and Alicia Schoumacher, Arlington Heights, Illinois; David E. Schoumacher, Hume, Virginia; Herbert and Mark Bailey, Avon, Indiana; Pamela A. Guinn and Steven L. Guinn, Memphis, Tennessee; Paul R. Hedrick and Janet L. Hedrick, Falls Church, Virginia; Sharon Schoumacher, Arlington, Virginia; Steven Schoettmer, Elizabethtown, Indiana; William and Ann Jones, Columbus; William G. Turner and Gina G. Turner, Memphis, Tennessee; William Rozett III and Linda Rozett, Falls Church, Virginia; Kathy Thompson, Columbus; Lee and Janet Freeman, Memphis, Tennesse; Katea Ravega, Columbus; Doug Leonard, Columbus; Alice Johnson, Columbus; Sarla Kalsi, Columbus; Thomas Harmon, Columbus


Incumbent Republican Tim Shuffett: 

Contributions: $200 (No specific contributors listed)

Expenditures: $120 (No specific expenses listed)

Democratic challenger Ross Thomas:


$1,721.37: Ross Thomas, Columbus ($1,321.37 in-kind)

$400: Bartholomew County Democratic Party, Columbus

$390: Bartholomew County Democratic Women, Columbus

$300: Dennis Baute, Columbus

$250: Joseph Eder, North Vernon

$125: Mark Kevitt, Columbus


$780: Scooter Promo LLC, Plano, Texas

$519.53: 24hourwristbands, Houston

$360.80: Rush Order Tees, Philadelphia

$279.14: Campaign Partner, Still River, Massachusetts

$234: The Blue Deal, Annandale, Virginia

$139.80: Jam Printing, Anderson, Indiana


Incumbent Republican Laurie Booher:

Contributions: None

Expenditures: None

Incumbent Democrat Tom Dell:


$2,710.71: Tom Dell, Columbus (in-kind)

$450: Ryan Hou, Columbus

$390: Bartholomew County Democratic Party, Columbus

$250: Ron McMillin, Columbus; Tom Vujovich, Columbus

$200: Mary Silverberg, West Chester, Ohio; Dennis Baute, Columbus; Bob Hyatt, Columbus

$150: James Coleman, Columbus; Jeffrey Maudlin, Columbus; Richard Gold, Columbus; Teresa Kelly, Columbus; Zack and Glinda Ellison, Columbus; Omni Printing and Promotions, Cincinnati, Ohio

$145.95: Dell Brothers (in-kind)


$1,950: Trendy Minds Inc., Indianapolis

$1,913.32: Omni Printing and Promotoins, Cincinnati, Ohio

$119.45: Donuts N Coffee, Columbus

Democratic challenger Grace Kestler:


$2,333: Grace Kestler, Columbus (loan)

$1,000: Joan Able, Columbus; Julie and Dan Delgenio, Columbus

$600: Dennis Baute, Columbus

$500: Lucille Kestler, Columbus; John McCormick, Columbus; Kari Nusterer, Columbus; Bartholomew County Democratic Women

$479.24: Brooke Hawkins, Columbus (loans)

$382.29: Elizabeth Kestler, Columbus (loan)

$300: John Kestler, Columbus (loan)

$280: Kick-off party fish bowl

$275: Bob Hyatt, Columbus

$250: Jayne and Charlie Farber, Columbus; Ryan Hou, Columbus; Doug and Marsha Sunkel, Columbus; Arthur Kroot, Columbus; Janice Gardener, Columbus

$200: Jean and John Lewandowski, Nashua, New Hampshire; Karen Jones, Columbus; Sandra and Richard Crawford, Columbus

$187.50: Nancy Hoover, Louisville, Kentucky

$175: Richard Bodor, Columbus

$168.19: Brooke Hawkins, Columbus (in-kind)

$159: Jonathon and Christine Nesci, Columbus

$150: Kathy Thompson, Columbus; Constance Marbach, Columbus; Tobi Herron, Columbus


$2,333: Grace Kestler, Columbus (in-kind)

$1,827.56: Tony London Company, Columbus

$948.81: Vista Print, Waltham, Massachusetts

$500: Triflix Media, Columbus

$479.24: Brooke Hawkins (in-kind)

$450: AIM Media, Columbus

$400: Kidscommons, Columbus

$382.29: Elizabeth Kestler, Columbus (in-kind)

$375: Reising Radio Partners, Columbus

$370.64: Office Max, Columbus

$368.01: DBA Promotion, Rancho Santa Fe, California

$338.04: Hoosier Sporting Goods, Columbus

$300: The Tiptonians, Columbus; John Kestler (in-kind)

$295.02: Best Buy, Columbus

$209.75: Facebook, Menlo Park, California

$165.93: United States Postal Service, Columbus

$141: Sticker Mule, Amsterdam, New York

$120: Bartholomew County Democratic Party, Columbus

$118.50: Amazon, Seattle, Washington

$117.83: Stripe

Republican challenger Josh Burnett:


$7,510.85: Josh Burnett, Columbus

$1,699: Fundraiser kick-off

$1,500: Indiana RPAC

$500: Mark and Myra Foster; JAB Media Group; Drew Runion, Columbus

$250: Ryan and Morgan Myers

$200: Jeff Rocker

$150: Bill and Norma Gelfius

$125: Matt Kutch, Oklahoma City

$100: Tom Gamus;, Pat Myers; Lisa Shaw; Jill and Brad Jones; Tina Dodd; Denise Storm; Jesse Brand, Columbus; Sarah Rohde, Columbus


$3,735: Red Bridge Media

$1,242.27: Harcourt Political

$1,035.23: Firehouse Image

$1,025: AIM Media

$1,000: TR Tees

$1,000: WCSI

$910: Ryan Furr Design

$910: YES Cinema / Red Bridge Media

$429.38: UPS Store


$323.20: Facebook

$250: Textedly

$230: Bartholomew County Ladies League

$225: Slybroat Mobile

$220: USPS

$145: Simple Texting

$124.96: Kroger

$123.71: David Burnett (reimbursement)

$106.29: Dollar General