California man accused of slitting pup’s throat on Snapchat

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A California man who posted a video on Snapchat after cutting his puppy’s throat was arrested Monday on a charge of animal cruelty, federal prosecutors said.

Angel Ramos-Corrales, 19, was arrested at his Riverside home on a charge of animal crushing, a federal crime for causing serious injury that carries up to a seven-year prison sentence if convicted.

Ramos-Corrales slashed the throat of his dog, Canelo, on Feb. 13, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

Ramos-Corrales posted a video on Snapchat that showed the dog lying on the floor with a gash in its neck. He said the dog was dead and that he had “smoked” him. He then kicked the gravely wounded animal.

A wailing and gasping sound heard on the video, which investigators originally believed to be coming from the dog, was later identified as the suspect’s sobbing sister, FBI Special Agent Colin Schmitt said in an affidavit.

An acquaintance sent the video to a person who called police. When Riverside officers arrived at the home, they found the dog still alive and blood on Ramos-Corrales’ clothes and cuts on his hands. Blood was spattered throughout the house.

Ramos-Corrales told officers he had been smoking marijuana and didn’t remember exactly what he had done, but that he lost control when the dog nipped him. He referred to himself as a “cold blooded killer” who couldn’t stop from hurting the dog.

Ramos-Corrales said he felt remorse and had poured rubbing alcohol on the dog. The dog was taken to a veterinarian and euthanized.

Ramos-Corrales was released on a $15,000 bond after his court appearance. He did not enter a plea.

A public defender representing Ramos-Corrales did not immediately return a message seeking comment.