Commons playground work delayed by material shortages

A view of the James A Henderson Playground inside The Commons in Columbus, Ind., Wednesday, July 7, 2021. Mike Wolanin | The Republic

Columbus residents will have to wait some time longer for The Commons to reopen its indoor playground, as renovations are still ongoing.

According to Commons Manager Shanda Sasse, the timing of the project’s completion is largely dependent on material availability.

“I have said it before, but we’re really close,” she said on June 30. “The PLAYTIME team is here this week. They are finalizing those items left on the punch list. There’s a little bit of touch-up painting to do as well. So for the most part we’re almost done.”

Sasse added that “the big hold-up” involves a curbed section needed for safety reasons. Its base will be concrete, which will then be covered by rubberized pour-in-place flooring material.

“Our problem is there is an ongoing national shortage of raw materials, just in general,” she said. “And unfortunately, that is the case as well with this pour-in-place flooring material.”

Once the material is received and applied to the concrete, the curing process will take a few days to complete.

Getting materials acquired and shipped are two major causes of project delays, Sasse said. She added that they would rather fix the problem now than reopen the playground only to have to close it again later.

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