Around Town – July 8

Orchids to …

• Dennis Prior for all your help, support, and advice, from WRAP girls.

• Jackie Gatesy and Angela Smith for your support and all the extra time and effort you put in to help us, thank you, from WRAP girls.

• Dwayne for the great service at the auto dealer ship in Columbus, from Clark and Carol.

• John Krull for another great column, hitting the nail on the head.

• John Krull’s column about Indiana’s attorney general.

• Ivy Tech for making college so affordable.

• President Joe Biden’s “morning in America” boom in which we have gained 3 million jobs since he took office

• the county fair board for very clean restrooms at the fair.

• those who know that all things good come from God.

Onions to …

• local official fearmongering that the new variant of the virus is so fast spreading when the infection numbers drop daily.

• the white truck that ran a red light on Tuesday afternoon, and all the drivers running red lights.

• those who want to turn our secular democracy into a theocracy.

• the local board who charges way too much for booth space rent.

• those not realizing gas prices go up and down no matter who’s in office.

• the letter writer that really should ask: if ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people?

• those who think anyone who supports the former federal elected official are white supremacists.

• those seeing a white supremacist behind every tree when there are none.

• having events so high priced less than 1% of the community can enjoy.

• new technologies that make it so easy and fast to spread lies.

• the former federal elected official who adopted and weaponized Russian-style disinformation tactics.

• anyone who thinks that our election votes were counted fairly.

• the political party falling face down in all the stuff they keep stirring up.

• the unfinished, unpainted wall in Texas which is very embarrassing.

• those who don’t understand the difference between critical race theory and Black history.

Happy Birthday to …

• Carin Newman, from your family, Rita and Donna.

• Dina Martin, from your family and Donna.

• Heidi Stwalley, from all your co-workers at Columbus Internal Medicine.

ANOTHER beautiful morning